Tickets £5 inc. free raffle and Masala Chai or £10 including traditional savoury vegetarian food.
Enquire to book and buy your Henna slot in advance from £10 upwards (40% discount to any past customers)
Indian music, dance, dress up, Rangoli art, Henna, authentic food and candlelights!

Call or email to pay securely for your preferred ticket options and see you soon!

Meet others to talk and share, whom like the art of having Henna and want to celebrate in Indian tradition for Diwali.
You can pre-purchase a henna slot for individual designs and be a part of the music, dancing, dressing up and rangoli art patterns. Any of the Saturday dates to choose from.

Ticket entry is £5 and includes masala chai and free raffle prize entry. 1st gift:  2nd gift: 3rd gift:
£10 includes the above plus a plate of Indian savoury food of vegan pakoras, dhal, raita and popadoms.
+ Additional cost of Henna starts from £10/£15/£20/£30/£40+  Let us create for you!

Just call or email to pay securely for your preferred booking.


Location: Garden marquee set up within private residence in Redland, BS6 (Details shared after ticket purchase).

Theme: Holistic Indian Chillout with Mehndi, candles, music, chai and more…..

Time: All day 11am – 8pm


Please call or email to find out further details and to book.

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