Diwali 2023 Henna Day Celebrations ~ Saturdays 21st or 28th Oct & 4th or 11th Nov 11am-8pm

Tickets £5 inc. free raffle and Masala Chai or £10 including traditional savoury vegetarian food. Enquire to book and buy your Henna slot in advance from £10 upwards (40% discount to any past customers) Indian music, dance, dress up, Rangoli art, Henna, authentic food and candlelights! Call

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Minety Music Festival 4th-7th July 2024

Minety Music Festival was attended from Fri 30th June 2023 and 1st-3rd July 2022 For everything you need to know and where to find us, Click this link: https://www.minetyfestival.co.uk/ See you there!    

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Holistic Henna @ Alchemy 198 Gloucester Road. 2 – 5pm on Saturday 9th March

Alchemy 198 is a Bar and Gallery set at the heart of Gloucester Rd central, Bristol. We will be celebrating the Gloucester Rd Festival of Food and Drink, Saturday 9th March – All day. More events with Holistic Henna to follow… 🙂

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DIWALI!! Book now and order your candles for DIWALI !!!

Diwali is fast approaching on us! Wednesday 7th November to be exact!! Pre-order your hand decorated and personalised Diwali candles now. Bookings available for festival hand designs. Perhaps you would like a visit to your school or place of education. We offer visits with cultural content and

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