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Henna Candles

Thank you for visiting our exclusive hand decorated candle ranges.  They are uniquely designed with pure henna, and coloured gems.  All can be readily packaged for collection/delivery by arrangement, or made to order by request, for that personal touch! Please contact for prices.
The Holistic Henna Collections consist of:

The Diwali Collection
The Peacock Collection
The Family/Friendship Collection
The Birthday Collection
The Wedding Collection
The Floral Collection

Bespoke on gold ribbed.



This set of lavender scented candles cleverly displays a unique style outstretched onto glass.


Organic flowering with spiced cinnamon scent.

Handmade with soya wax with a personalised friends’ birthday message.

Sisterly Love








Detailed portrait of bride and peacocks.

x2 lavender scented in glass.

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