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Tattoos with Heart & Soul.

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About Me

Who is the woman guiding the henna cone?

Hi, I’m Sukhdeep Najafi.
Founder, Teacher and Lead Artist of Holistic Henna.

I am self taught in the art of henna with 22 years experience as an accomplished professional in my own right and support that with 13 years as a qualified teacher.

Bristol born with Punjabi Indian origin, my artistic interest with henna began at age 14 during an Indian wedding.  Shortly after, with my Mum’s encouragement I held my first activity session in a library.  Naturally to me I taught the cultural and educational aspects too that is has to offer.  That positive start has shaped my life and myself as a whole in this henna journey so far. ‘Henna Designs’ was born!
Now known as ‘Holistic Henna’.

My passion for henna reflects from my soul and cultural connection, which I honour to carry out in a respectful holistic manner and approach to each design.  I taught myself with much patience and a steady hand to understand the elements and techniques involved in creating beautiful, unique and individual pieces of work.

I add all of myself into my creativity and see it as a blessing, not work.  It is nurturing to my soul and when tattooing others my inspiration for each design forms as a sharing of energy that guides me to create any one piece intuitively.  These suit and compliment each customer for who they are in their own unique way.

I have had the pleasure over the years to provide workshops at many schools and colleges, attend a variety of organised indoor and outdoor events.  I’ve traded over 10 years at various craft and spiritual fairs, specialise in tattoo commissioned pieces, and most earnedly progressed upwards to represent a majority of the U.K.’s music festivals including Glastonbury, WOMAD and GreenMan to mention a few.  There, Holistic Henna has showcased pure authentic freehand henna work at its best, and how it should be!

HH has grown organically over the years since 1994 by word of mouth and has a variety of different customers who come to visit us and we pride ourselves on tailoring our services to meet each customer’s specific needs and by providing them with expert advice.

Tattoos with heart & soul.

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