Would you like to be gifted with something like this?

Please leave your comments of your thoughts. http://hennabristol.com/reviews/

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Hand decorated with original designs.

Please leave your comments on what you think! http://hennabristol.com/reviews/

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Please visit: http://hennabristol.com/candles/

http://hennabristol.com/candles/     Just to show a few. Made to order. Contact for more info. Please comment with what you think! Follow link below. http://hennabristol.com/reviews/  

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DIWALI!! Book now and order your candles for DIWALI !!!

Diwali is fast approaching on us! Wednesday 7th November to be exact!! Pre-order your hand decorated and personalised Diwali candles now. Bookings available for festival hand designs. Perhaps you would like a visit to your school or place of education. We offer visits with cultural content and

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Exclusive Weekend Yoga Retreat 28th~30th September 2018 nr. Bath

Book in advance!  @yogadoo and mention us! 28th -30th September 2018 near Bath. Yoga_b_bex_ and @lucy_yogadoo are bringing beautiful people together with magical skills… vegan dinners, yoga teaching, Holistic Henna, meditation and crystal sound baths, learn Indian Head Massage and evening Bollywood dancing. It’s the end of

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The Appointment Process

Firstly, thank you for finding Holistic Henna! We offer an exclusive private henna studio with a woodland view for holding personal appointments and a variety of teaching. (We are not a shop!) We are mobile and deliver our services locally and across the South West. Please call

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2018/2019 Holistic Henna Courses designed for you.

All levels are available for booking and begin with a free consultation at time of appointment to work out your plan of action.  Each course is designed with you in mind to achieve what you wish and times/dates are flexible to suit your lifestyle. Please view our

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